Barbie Bungee and the POWER OF MATH

I’m riding my bike to school a lot in an effort to both save money on gasoline and enjoy the fact that I live just 3.5 miles from school.  The result of this, though, is that I have to be very careful about what I cram into my bag to bring to school.  Long story short: We did Barbie Bungee and not only did I leave my video camera at home, but I also happened to forget my phone.  Sigh.

However, thanks to the fact that we live in 2013 and a ridiculous number of my students have high definition cameras in their pockets, I was able to have a student email me this video, which I edited to slow down.  The video isn’t great, nor upright, but I think it hammers home a significant point:

Like, seriously, how cool is math?  A group modeled the number of rubber bands needed to maximize Barbie’s thrills (but not kills). They were given a height, used their model to predict how long their bungee cord needed to be and look at how amazingly close they got.  Go math.

Quick Note: Holy smokes this is post #99 for this blog.  I guess I need to figure out something special for the next one!