Zombies and Math: There are no coincidences!

This is my intro to exponential functions in algebra 2:

zombie-exponentialThe Walking Dead is still a smash hit.  Today, we got to solving logarithmic functions and we went back to that final question (which I purposefully left hanging back at the beginning) and solved it algebraically…


And when you solve that function for x… Oh.. Oh dear God, it can’t be….

28 days!!!

As in the zombie movie 28 Days Later!!!

Math.  Zombies.  It’s all connected.  It all makes sense.  The Zombie apocalypse is coming, and math may be our only hope.


One thought on “Zombies and Math: There are no coincidences!

  1. I want to first say thank you for speaking to our MAC class last week. Math was certainly not my subject in high school, and I think some interactive projects like the ones you suggested would have gotten me into it a lot more. As for this intro to exponential functions, what a great way to connect classroom material to students’ lives. As a history teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to do this with my students, and while I’m not sure I could connect The Walking Dead to anything in my American History class, I’d like to integrate some pop culture into my curriculum.

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